Advantages and Disadvantages of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing refers to the marketing of products and services using digital technology on the internet. Some example would include social media marketing, SEO, email marketing, and affiliate marketing. It benefits several businesses, great and small, by giving them a mass market to target at an affordable price. 

Let’s discover the advantages and disadvantages of digital marketing.

Advantages of Digital Marketing

  1. Easily target local and global audience — Technology has provided a breakthrough to our limits. You can target a specific location for your marketing. Not only that, but you can also specify what gender, age, and interests you want your campaign to appear. That means your marketing will be more specific and effective.
  2. Customer relationship management — The use of modern ways allow good handling of customer relationship management.  Through data analysis about the customers, it is possible to improve business relationships, customer retention, and sales growth. The aid of social media allows businesses to interact with their customers. Personalized email marketing generates more conversion rate.
  3. Cost-efficient marketing — As you may know, traditional marketing is costly. There are a lot of free tools online that you can use for digital marketing like Google Search Console, Mailchimp, and Hootsuite.
  4. Automated data analytics — Real-time analytics powered by an automatic system is a huge advantage over traditional marketing. You can monitor how your campaign is going accurately and apply necessary changes. 

Disadvantages of Digital Marketing

  1. Dependability on technology — Digital marketing would never exist without technology. That means, you can only directly target people who are involved with the usage of digital products.
  2. Worldwide competition — Every business has its competitors. Customers are now able to easily compare between two companies. They can search online for any feedback about your company and if it doesn’t go well, you’ll gonna lose hundreds of them. It takes a lot of effort in maintaining your online presence. Even ranking in Google requires a well-maintained SEO. 
  3. Social media complaints — Real-time customer negative comments can hurt your company reputation. It can also affect other potential prospects. With that, you have to make sure everything is addressed to your favor.
  4. Requires hard work — Time, skills, and energy are needed to create blogs, manage your digital marketing campaign, and engage in social media sites. That means, you may have to allocate these tasks to your staffs. 
 Digital marketing might be highly technical, with its disadvantages, but the potential return of your investments is great. The bottom line, businesses are required to cope up with the modern ways of marketing or else their businesses will remain stagnant or be forced to close.
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