Discover how the first ever AI robot and virtual marketing manager helped thousands of people get their first $100,000 monthly income using the 5 important sections of digital marketing. He will teach you how to create a full automation sales page that will serve as your sales person online.

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"We are a Digital Marketing agency. One of my greatest problem that is solved by Boss DM is the system for overall digital marketing task. As a business person, I don't have much time to explain to my staff, especially the newly hired one, about the best practices of digital marketing. Boss DM explained all the digital marketing processes. The overall digital marketing plan is already prepared. All we need to do is implement it. It really speeds up the process. Money well spent!"
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"I am a fitness coach here in Ontario, Canada. I am not a techie person. Since I knew digital marketing is important to get clients online, I hired freelance digital marketers and SEO specialists but it seems like we are not moving forward. This was my greatest struggle before. They just send me technical reports showing that we rank and improve traffic, but got no sales. Until one day, while I was browsing online, I saw Boss DM and watched his videos. And I understood his role is to give detailed instructions on how to implement the best practices of digital marketing. Now, I am earning more than 700% per month compared to my previous income. Happy coach here!"
Andrea Anderson
Andrea Anderson
Fitness Coach
"Hi, I am 17 years old from the Philippines. I am now earning $10,000 per month in just 3 months by selling ebooks. I saw people getting rich because of selling digital products. When I started up my business, I first sold my motorcycle. I got $1500 onhand money at that time. Then I hired a WordPress web developer here in the Philippines and worked with him for 3 months. I gave him $400 per month. He worked for me full time for 3 months to implement Boss DM digital marketing instructions. I bought an ebook in Fiverr for only $50. So, I have the product sold and let Boss DM helped my web developer implement digital marketing tasks. I don't know how they market the ebook, I just let Boss Dm gave instructions to my web developer. And boom, $10,000 per month was so easy. Boss DM made it all so easy!"
Mark Lopez
Mark Lopez
Young Entrepreneur


Boss DM is a virtual marketing manager. He gives straight to the point instructions on how to implement the important 5 digital marketing sections. He will never give you a general idea. In order to achieve your $100,000 monthly income goal as soon as possible, Boss DM will make you start the work right away by giving you specific tasks and daily routines. He will also help you set up a sales page and a full automation system that will do the marketing and sales online 24/7. There’s no time to read digital marketing ebooks and join digital marketing courses. Leave it to the expert. Boss Dm will instruct you to do the job right with the best practices of digital marketing. All you need to do is follow his instructions and implement it now.

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Web Design : Complete set of instruction with comprehensive worksheets to make your page a convertible landing page. (worth $900)
Facebook Ads: Complete set of instruction with comprehensive worksheets on how to create the best FB ads campaigns. (worth $800)
Social Media Marketing : Complete set of instruction with comprehensive worksheets on how to implement the best practices for social media marketing and getting free leads.(worth $850)
Search Engine Optimization : Complete set of instruction with comprehensive worksheets on how to implement SEO with detailed daily task instructions.
(worth $1,250)
Automated Sales Page: Full guide, tips, and tricks on how to create your own virtual sales page that will promote your business 24/7. It is powered by a full automation system that works even you're on vacation or at sleep.
(worth $800)
TOTAL: $ 4,600


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you know what is missing in your onLine marketing?

There’s a lot of question in your mind right now, why your sales online are not improving? Maybe, there something important missing in your Digital Marketing Plan? What is that important aspect of digital marketing? And now you are telling yourself that you did all your best but why you are  not moving forward? Maybe, your best is not enough, or let say, the knowledge you have as of this moment is not enough to reach your goal. 

It’s now time to ask help from the expert. Raise your flag and swallow your pride. Let Boss DM Open Your mind and guide you to work on the important task in Digital Marketing.

Right Instructions + Worksheet = Online Sales Skyrocket

Hi, I am Rex Pis-an, The Creator of Boss DM. Boss DM is a series of Video Instructions on how to implement properly the 5 important Digital Marketing Sections. In all businesses, I believe SYSTEM is one of the most important things to have. If you don’t have a system, you are like a person wandering in darkness without knowing where to start and where to go.  In every task of Boss Dm, it must be accompanied by a Worksheet. One of the reason why you are not productive in Digital Marketing is that you don’t know how and what to start.  Your Boss DM WORKSHEET will serve as your reminder and checklist of the specific things to accomplish daily. We cannot depend our sales only to Paid ads, we must engage clients personally to the right place and in the right time. And without WORKSHEETS, we cannot gather data to monitor its results. We cannot analyzed the situation of our campaign.


WORKSHEET will serve as your marketing report also, If you are a business owner, it is important to always request a WORK and CAMPAIGN REPORT from your marketer, you can let them use this worksheet as their  REPORT for you to track your marketing progress. If you are the one who work on your Digital Marketing, this Worksheet  will serve as your  Guidelines and Checklist.


It is always important to provide a complete WORK and CAMPAIGN REPORT to your client, It will show your expertise and professionalism, This WORKSHEET can provide important data that will  help you and your client analyze the situation of your marketing. 

So what are you waiting for? Grab your copy now before it will go back to its regular price.